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6-Step G+ HOA Planning System & Templates Package

Delivered in Google+ Hangouts on Air videos, in this private membership website on http://CelebrityHangoutsOnAir.com, with accompanying planning templates and guides; available for download and as swipe files for your own planning templates.

Additional specialty training videos and community templates are made available for you to enjoy, as they’re developed to help use G+ HOA current platform as best as possible.

Included in your purchase today, are 2 “anytime” private consultations with Debbie, scheduled when you need Debbie’s help, in 90 days after purchase.

I’m here to make sure your Hangout on Air show planning and launch helps your business achieve your exact business objectives, through an ongoing show that:

  • Attracts celebrity guests
  • Builds unlimited audiences and
  • Generates sponsor revenue

Bonus #1: Quarterly “Media Junket” Hangout to showcase your new show launch (July 15, 2014).

Bonus #2: Additional bonus video training to accompany each week, on how to optimize your Hangouts on Air shows, from our community of professional G+ HOA producers.

Bonus #3: Private Facebook Mastermind Group & Public Google+ Community where you can socialize with other business marketers and G+ Hangouts on Air producers, for any tech help needed.

Bonus #4: Two private phone call consultations with Debbie Horovitch, over 90 days, to guarantee you’re on track to launch the successful G+ HOA program for your business that you desire!

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Week 1 – How to plan your G+ HoA show so it will become a valuable investment & activity in achieving your business objectives. We’ll talk about all the reasons why G+ HoA offer unique benefits to your business (compared to other webinar & video creation tools), and review examples of successful G+ HoA programming you can watch, participate in or use as an example for your own new show.

Additional training in Week 1 will be developed to dive more deeply into planning how you’ll monetize your G+ Hangouts on Air, and how to use a $300 budget to launch your Hangout on Air sponsorship sales.

Week 2 – Planning all the details of your first episode of your G+ HoA show and setting the date for the 1st episode. How to choose your participant list and what type of influencers will be most available to participate in your show: first, how to “improve” guests each episode.

Additional training in Week 2 will be developed to bootcamp develop your unlimited G+ Hangouts on Air show audience – this is completely unique to the Google+ Hangouts on Air tool, and a key benefit that makes HOA programming a valuable addition to your library.

Week 3 – Inviting participants & audience to collaborate in content-creation with you, a collaborative publicity activity. Researching the media & communities to involve in your show. Preparing your network of affiliate LIVE broadcasters. Setting up public RSVP/event pages to promote the live G+ HoA event & attract early lead generation.

Additional training in Week 3 will be developed for participants to address paying panel guests for their participation, paying a professional G+ HOA interview / conversation host for your client Hangouts on Air, and how to begin sponsorship sales package development.

Week 4 – Making sure you’re on track to produce a G+ HoA show that creates a measurable change in your key business objectives. Planning your content / scripting your Hangout on Air recording event, to be sure you capture the best raw video content to work with & promote for your business later. Negotiating with potential guests & hosts as “talent” to join your production team.

Week 5 – Your BIG Day – The Hangout on Air recording day, preparations & checklists, preparing to capture and document the candid, unplanned AND scripted moments; preparing for what can go wrong, preparing to document what goes wrong that you didn’t plan for (to learn from & improve).

Week 6 – Marketing your G+ HoA program ongoing: pre-promotion, LIVE event marketing, sharing immediately to social media channels, ongoing marketing; options repurposing the raw video to create visuals: images, memes, quotes, slideshares, blog posts, etc. > documenting the lifetime ROI. We’ll review your experiences, successes & lessons learned by the group of G+ HoA events that took place the previous week & prepare for the Media Junket Date to release your Hangout to the world.

Bonus Hangout on Air: Producer’s Showcase 2013

  • Tuesday, June 17, 2014 Bonus Hangout for marketing your ongoing show

A sample “media junket” G+ HoA > Sparkle publicity media targets will be invited to attend and interview the new G+ HoA producers completing the course; alumni will be welcome to promote their upcoming HoA project, offer video recommendations & social proof for affiliate sales of Producer’s Course 2014.

My personal journey with Google+ Hangouts on Air started with my 1st show #SparkleSOS Book Authors & Publishers, which began welcoming celebrity guests after only 3 monthly episodes. We had a whirlwind 1st season, that inspired the Celebrity Hangouts on Air  brand, and the creation of the Authority Profiles Hangouts production service package through my agency Social Sparkle & Shine.

In this program and community we are constantly embracing the changes at Google and supporting each other in developing more value in their Hangouts on Air shows.

Photo Credit: Яick Harris via Compfight cc

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Celebrity Hangouts on Air is my personal system developed out of my personal experiences with planning #SparkleSOS Book Authors & Publishers, and #ScandalSpin Aftershow, a companion show to the prime-time broadcast and social media events of new episodes of #SCANDAL on ABC and CityTV and the templates and systems developed by the marketing professionals who have begun to produce a series of themed Hangouts for their clients. Like my own Hosted Authority Profiles Hangouts, a VIP Hangouts on Air planning & production service especially enjoyed by book authors and entrepreneur / startup service businesses!

In this program, everyone who participates in making your G+ Hangout on Air show launch a success for your business, generates benefits for themselves! We also share our updates and hacks and are available to help your Hangout succeed, if you put in the time to carefully plan your Hangouts well in advance of everyone else.

Program participants may be featured or highlighted in my upcoming book, Celebrity Hangouts on Air – let me know if you want to submit your story today! debbie.horovitch@gmail.com

Shows launched produced by our program participants include FIR Presents: Thought Leader Life with Mitchell Levy and Michael J Procopio, a weekly interview on Hangout on Air with Thought Leaders from tech companies, startups and Silicon Valley alums. Mitchell and Michael have syndicated the show to the For Immediate Release PodCast network and are generating average 50% more audience impressions with the additional iTunes audio audience. They use their own Hangout on Air show to demonstrate and generate interest in their Thought Leadership Profiles Hangout service, and additional publishing and marketing consulting services.

This program also helped launch the new Hangout on Air show of Rodney Washington’s client (he produces her Hangout on Air for her business), Ariana Lise Newcomer who uses her monthly G+ Hangout on Air as an opportunity to do a monthly “workshop” and demonstrate some of the valuable voice training exercises she helps with – Dramatically Successful Public Speaking for public speakers, trainers, radio personalities, salespeople, and any other professional who need to find a more efficient use of their voice. This training program gave Rodney the tools and structure to offer Ariana professional producer services she pays for on a monthly contract they have.

Ad Agency Account Managers Slideshow/Webinar on the VALUE of Hangouts on Air

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 10.46.40 AM

Learn how to produce high-SEO, socially-sharable video content for your business. Become the “Oprah Winfrey” of your business community, giving them the gift of producing video-chat interviews of influencers (leaders, innovators, book authors, award winners, etc.), relevant to your business community.

G+ HoA Video

Why you want to HOST a G+ HoA show for your business marketing in 2014:

  1. Video documents “social proof” for your brand: celebrities & influencers participating in your Hangout on Air show are an implied endorsement of your business… Video documents interactions between community influencers and customer brand advocates, an experience created for customers by your business.
  2. Establishes your business/brand reputation as an important “connector” in your business social & influencer community
  3. Creates your business library of highly Google-SEO-optimized video, for your YouTube channel
  4. Encourages more efficient qualified lead generation for your business
  5. Creates a media channel/platform your brand owns, that you can monetize the loyal audience and earn revenue from sponsors and partners
  6. Attracts valuable collaborative partners to your business & communities
  7. Can be done successfully, and ongoing, for no financial investment

When I first met Kenetia at a conference in October 2012, she was scared that her recently self-published book Fearless Beauty wouldn’t sell and her investment of time, energy and money to produce her life’s work to date would be a great personal disappointment and financial burden on her future. Since participating in my monthly Hangout #SparkleSOS Book Authors & Publishers, she’s continued to push, and her book Fearless Beauty has been contracted for publishing!

G+ HoA for Media Video

This Producer’s Course by Debbie Horovitch is perfect for a curious, self-motivated, social media enthusiast or marketing professional who has limited budget and BIG plans for themselves, their audience, and their brands/clients, in business.

Online training course junkies will also find this program a fun, guilt-free way to indulge, providing a great investment and marketing platform for your special knowledge and community contribution.

You can even take this course to launch your own consulting business, producing Google+ Hangouts on Air shows for your clients.

Sarah Hill Hangouts Integrate Audience Into Broadcast Conversation

Your time commitment: Minimum 3-5 hours per week, including planning for your own Hangout on Air show launch. No experience, special tech ability or additional investment is required.

Structured as weekly training modules, you can access the entire training as soon as you purchase. Delivered in live-recorded Google+ Hangouts on Air for all registrants (90-minutes weekly), and upgraded course participants will have immediate access to the videos and supporting documents for anytime review, and your own event planning. We’ll take you step by step through every element of the planning process, and prepare you to optimize the results at every stage, and ongoing for your show.

Participants must self-register and apply for hotseat assessment opportunities in the course recordings (additional exposure to future course participants).

Getting Started with Google+ Hangouts on Air

Michelle Obama Fireside Chat Hangouts

A moving example of how your Hangout can be the catalyst for important conversation between your customers & advocates, and other influencers in your professional community:

Presidential Fireside Chats

Complete Presidential Hangout > Example of great opening Video + full-length document of a BIG & important event.

Bonus Hangout on Air: Producer’s Showcase 2014

Tuesday, July, 15, 2014 Bonus Hangout for marketing your ongoing show

A sample “media junket” G+ HoA > Sparkle publicity media targets will be invited to attend and interview the new G+ HoA producers completing the course; alumni will be welcome to promote their upcoming HoA project, offer video recommendations & social proof for affiliate sales of Producer’s Course 2014.

Underwater Hangouts


Affiliate benefits of Producer’s Course sales < affiliate broadcast network host blogs are constant sales > 50% commission on ALL LEVELS OF COURSE MEMBERSHIP

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