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According to @hashtracking Hashtag Explorer, #AtomicChat generated 2,888,486 impressions with 581 tweets recently. — The Sparkle Agency (@Sparkle_Agency) February 25, 2014

In my past life, I was also a private on-site yoga instructor certified in 2004 Moksha Yoga, working in private residences and at charity golf tournaments and also is responsible for launching Katherine Robert’s Yoga For Golfers in Ontario! It was a great way to learn how to create publicity and leverage blogs to gain more exposure for a business on virtually no budget. Most of that publicity, articles written and blogging is gone now, but the lessons I learned about creating community and launching a small business in a big city will benefit my clients forever. I also learned how one well-timed publicity push can create residual benefits – the National Post full page article & photo shoot generated numerous other magazine, newspaper and radio appearances and is still being quoted 6 years later! Despite the fact that I no longer teach Yoga For Golfers myself, I am still the only person on the 1st page of Google results for Yoga For Golfers Toronto.

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  • 26Mondays Digital Renovations PM: Gamification, Facebook apps & UX/IA firm

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  • < My new personal try-it-all crash-test-dummy writing about life blog experiment, so far with zero traffic and even less strategy!
  • < My own social media consulting agency blog & website
  • Sparkle Publishing < My small-business-centric print & eBook publishing company, currently in extremely limited private beta
  • < B2B Award-winning business & community content media channel 650,000+ monthly views
  • < B2C Ontario travel & tourism media channel 50,000+ monthly views
  • My Community < B2B Community Manager focused media channel 7,500+ monthly views

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