Req a G+ HOA Presentation

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If your agency or business is planning the first big, important Google+ Hangouts on Air / YouTube video chat to promote an event or client, you’ll want to have a professional Google+ Hangouts on Air Producer to support your production and ensure:

  • Live Hangout recording event goes exactly as planned, without unexpected technical error
  • Guests & production team are empowered with tips and tools to make it easier to produce
  • Overall experience is enjoyable & professional for everyone involved
  • Clients achieve the business results they’re looking for

Access and download our current G+ Hangouts on Air 1-sheet:

  1. Google SEO Domination with Celebrity Hangouts on Air
  2. Create Instant Authority for Any Brand or Business with Celebrity Hangouts on Air

Please fill in the form at the Social Sparkle & Shine website to email us your request for a Google+ Hangouts on Air business presentation for your business or group.


Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 3.53.11 PMDebbie Horovitch is the owner of Social Sparkle & Shine, a social media consultant and professional G+ Hangouts on Air producer, and creator of Celebrity Hangouts on Air.

For more on how to produce Google+ Hangouts on Air shows for your business, that will attract celebrity guests, build unlimited audience, and generate brand sponsors for your content, check out our training membership page, or request a Celebrity G+ Hangouts on Air presentation by filling in the form here.

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