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Achieve specific business objectives, faster & easier with G+ HANGOUTS ON AIR!

✔ List Building & Lead Gen ✔ Event Registrations ✔ Sales & RevenueMike M Provendus.jpg

Your Google+ Hangout on Air (YouTube live stream) video content is posted to:

  • Google+ channel of everyone participating on the video
  • YouTube channel of your event producer (Debbie Horovitch)
  • ALL websites pre-arranged to live simulcast YouTube video code (unlimited live viewing audience, through partner websites)

Google+ Hangouts on Air build your authority:

  • 30-min video chat features you in conversation with leaders
  • Live streaming online event creates leads & sales
  • Create short highlight videos for sales & social media

For an important single event, product or service launch campaign:

  • Bonding and community between speakers and guests
  • Creates authentic, human, engaging video content for youScreen Shot 2014-03-06 at 11.23.36 AM.png
  • Additional value (exposure) for guest speakers & participant

When you give your potential clients, audience, viewers & fans, an exclusive, unique, thrilling, lifetime opportunity to speak directly with a leader they admire, it creates a powerful story they’ll share with their friends & family for years, with your brand as the reason.

Celebrity Hangouts on Air by Debbie Horovitch:catersource-convention-2014.jpg

  • Specialist in G+ Hangouts on Air for visionaries & leaders
  • Rank your video (longtail keywords) at the top of Google search
  • Negotiate a custom network of media to promote your video
  • Create sponsorship & partnership opportunities
  • Go viral with creative repurposing & reposting of your videoGo Touch Down Travel and Tours.jpg

Authority Profiles Hangouts are perfect for:

  • Political Candidates
  • Conferences & Events
  • Book Authors & Professional Speakers
  • Television Experts & Personalities
  • Coaches / Trainers / Consultants
  • Niche Businesses / Startups

To see if our Authority Profiles Hangouts on Air would be a fit for your needs, please call Debbie Horovitch at 416-553-2157 or email debbie.horovitch@gmail.com – we’re currently taking reservations for Hangouts supporting your launch campaign.


Not sure what to focus on for your Hangout talk?

Content is King: Use your Google+ Hangout on Air video to create a brand image of you interacting with a panel of your most enthusiastic advocates & clients – a friendly Q&A chat focusing on positive customer experiences.

1) Your Full-Service Hangout Event

  • Complete “Done For You” Hangout Service
  • Multiple team members participating
  • Full marketing & distribution for 30 days
  • Includes everything in options below
  • 90 days customer service
  • Perfect for a VC or government-funded startup, or established large business organization

2) Authority Hangout with PR+ REACH

  • Facebook advertising campaign, with reports
  • LeadPages.net and email list optin
  • Guaranteed 100 RSVPs to your Hangout
  • Includes everything in Interview option below
  • 60 days customer service

3) Authority Hangout on Air Interview

  • Episode specific celebrity / influencer approach
  • Hangout video title 5 min Google Search rank
  • Social media RSVP pages
  • Professionally planned & produced video
  • Personalized social sharing plan for ROI
  • 30 days customer service

You’ll also get a personalized strategy plan with:

  • Objective business opportunity assessment
  • 18-month G+ Hangout on Air plan
  • Personalized celebrity / influencer approach
  • Full community access if you are a DIY’er 🙂

Why Hangouts on Air are perfect for book authors & journalists of any subject:

  • Transfer the real-world authority you’ve developed, to your online & social brand
  • Chat with your vocal readers, virtual book-tour
  • Create Google SEO optimized video you and your fans can share on many online channels
  • Demonstrates to publishers and book sellers your dedication to promoting book sales
  • Leverage past publications into future business

To see if our Authority Profiles Hangouts on Air would be a fit for your needs, please call Debbie Horovitch at 416-553-2157 or email debbie.horovitch@gmail.com – we’re currently taking reservations for Hangouts supporting your launch campaign.

Authority Profiles Hangout to promote the launch of Profit First (click to view funnel & Hangout)

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 9.48.19 AM

Authority Profiles Hangout to promote beta users of Canva (click to review funnel)

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 9.56.06 AM

Authority Profiles Hangout to promote #ProfitCon (click to reg)
Authority Profiles to Promote Event Solutions Conference & Trade Show

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 3.53.11 PMDebbie Horovitch is the owner of Social Sparkle & Shine, a social media consultant and professional G+ Hangouts on Air producer, and creator of Celebrity Hangouts on Air. Need more help? Book Debbie or another Hangout Producer for a free G+ HoA technical walk through.

For more on how to produce Google+ Hangouts on Air shows for your business, that will attract celebrity guests, build unlimited audience, and generate brand sponsors for your content, check out our membership page!

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