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Free Webinars & Resources

The Celebrity Hangouts on Air system was created by me (Debbie Horovitch, owner of Social Sparkle & Shine), from my own experiences while creating my first Google+ Hangouts on Air show, #SparkleSOS Book Authors & Publishers, which began welcoming celebrity guests after only 3 episodes!

Join us tomorrow, September 17, 7pm ET for our 2-YEAR ANNIVERSARY Google+ Hangout on Air in our signature series of G+ HOA  Book Authors & Publishers
I’m very excited to share WHO our featured guest will be (CLICK ON THE EVENT TO SEE!).
This is the show that started as a side-project from my full time #cmgr job in Fall 2012 and quickly became the FOCUS of my work passion, and eventually inspired and gave me ALL the hands-on and IRL experiences of producing Celebrity Hangouts on Air and BIG media channel events I’d need to evolve into a globally recognized leader in Google+ Hangouts on Air innovation ~ like the upcoming event LIVE on The Ultimate Guide to Hosting Google+ Hangouts on Air that is also embedded IN right now!
September 22, 2104 12Noon Eastern Time
Even if you can’t make it, please share this update and mini-resource library with your friends and colleagues!
~ Debbie
Although there isn’t much on the website at the moment, this is the email list you want to be on it you like the opportunity to be notified of upcoming best-selling book author Hangouts we’ve done going back 2 years on September 17, 2014!
If you’d like to contribute a helping hand to any of our future G+ HOA recordings in any way, to earn a VIP seat on the LIVE Hangout panel and LEARN at the same time through active participation and challenging and then reprogramming your thinking for improvement, let me know!
Mike Michalowicz’s third book and seriously how could I not promote it!? I’m in it!
A simple and revolutionary new way of looking at your business finances with the same guiding principles that WORK for your personal finances: PAY YOURSELF FIRST, and follow the diet rules: eat more frequently, use smaller plates, eat your vegetables first, and REMOVE TEMPTATION.
Oh, and did I mention since Mike taught me this sytem in person September 24, 2013 (his birthday?) CreativeLive in San Fransisco #PumpkinLive  – I have lost 50 lbs, eliminated many of the unnecessary expenses (the “eating dessert first”, “having junk food around” and “not starving / binging daily” or “eating too much”) fast food” of business expenses), and gained so MUCH more WEALTH of life!
This is the system that gives me confidence in my ability to run my business profitably and pay myself & employees, and the government, and keep business expenses in line with my business profitability goals:
Get the first 5 chapters of PROFIT FIRST today and be profitable from your very next client payment cheque deposit and everyday in the future!
Canva training in the week after it launched:
With Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick
Canva is a design and social media artwork HUB for ALL your small business and social media marketing design needs. It’s free to use, VERY robust, and has become a constant tool in my browser tabs open in just a few months since the recording.
If you’re looking for commercial use images I’d look to Compflight the Flickr search tool (Google search it) or on Canva’s website they have 1 million images for $1 each use. BUT I have NEVER needed to purchase – they have the MOST RICH LIBRARY of IMAGES FREE! I told Guy I fell into a business “bliss-hole” (I got a lot of work done, but it was design work long overdue, and valuable activity but not at all what was on my TO DO list), during the week I was preparing for the HOA and exploring it for the 1st time.
Guy is also the author who made me really start to look at what Celebrity Hangouts on Air could be, and the co-author of APE: Author Publisher Entrepreneur – How to Publish a Book, with Shawn Welch.
Anyone who is a blog content manager or looking for top-tier self-publishing mastermind conversation about the craft of authoring or business management, you’re welcome to take this YouTube video embed code and blog about this conversation anytime, before, during or after – the video will always be right there on YOUR website as a gift to your audience!
Embed code for blogs, articles, etc.:
<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>
HOW TO embed a chosen Twitter conversation widget AND a G+ Hangout on Air video (from the Google+ event page) into ANY  blog post:
<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>
More instructions are here:

During that 1st experience with a big name celebrity guest on the show, I was nervous, scared, overwhelmed, elated, and even though it was great, right afterwards I could see how obvious it was I was really unprepared.

What I hadn’t realized before was that there’s a world of difference between doing a Google+ Hangout on Air for your personal blog (not a lot of effort), and planning a G+ Hangout on Air event with specific business objectives, with influential guests who are important to your business brand, community, and bottom line.

The Celebrity Hangouts on Air planning approach can be divided into 3 parts:

  1. Pre-Hangout Planning
  2. Your Live G+ HOA Recording Event
  3. Post-Hangout Video Distribution & Repurposing

The Pre-Hangout Planning part is the most critical part to the success of your Hangout on Air activity (achieving set business objectives, within a reasonable amount of time & money resources) – this is also the area of planning that Celebrity Hangouts on Air focuses on, with nearly 65% of our training content on this subject, including:

  • Planning a series of themed Google+ Hangouts on Air show for your business
  • Planning & documenting all the elements of each episode, from the ground up
  • Scheduling your Hangouts on Air shows for 6-18 months in advance
  • Inviting celebrity & influencer guests, leveraging their participation
  • Creating your content so that it becomes irresistible to sponsors
  • Gaining the support internally of your CMO, CFO, VP Advertising, Social Media Community Manager, and anyone else who is a key participant in your business

If you’ve planned the details and informed everyone properly about your upcoming Hangout on Air event, the implementation and post-production will all go smoothly!

We help professionals and organizations to use Google+ Hangouts on Air as a tool that helps achieve all of their important business objectives.

While we do provide technical training insights on how to use the Google+ HOA tools, most of that information is available for free with a detailed Google search, or the training is simply not relevant to planning a Hangout event that includes celebrities, has large audiences, and attracts paying sponsors. I looked for it myself, and when I couldn’t find anyone else making this professional approach available, that was when I realized I would need to create it and make it available.

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