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I’ll tell you a secret: When I first started using Google+ Hangouts on Air in September 2012, I wasn’t expecting to start attracting big-name influencers to ask to be on my show within the first few episodes. I wan’t prepared for the added pressures and expectations of my community members who wanted (desperately in some cases), to connect with my celebrity guests. There weren’t any courses or trainings on Hangouts on Air that I could see and I didn’t have anyone telling me to spend more time planning, to result in the type of quality conversations and business connections I wanted to create for myself.

But I also knew that if I just spent more time focusing and preparing for each Hangout on Air event, I’d definitely be more prepared and have better results with each time I recorded a Hangout on Air video. As I started speaking about Hangouts on Air and my enthusiasm for them in February and March, and beginning to generate new clients who wanted my help with their Hangout on Air show launches in April and through the Summer, I took a lot of notes and developed some personal best practices, that I’d like to share with you.

As part of the process of documenting all my templates & systems from hosting, watching, participating, and producing hundreds of client and media Hangouts on Air shows, I’ve identified how Hangouts on Air with celebrities and influencers can impact your Google SEO and SEM/Adwords pricing efficiency, and social media impact > Google+ Hangouts on Air ARE intrinsically social!

Attracting the Influence of Celebrities to Your Online Content: Using Google+ Hangouts on Air

Inside You’ll Get:

  • Check lists, planning schedules and templates, so you can easily plan a flawless Google+ Hangout on Air program, start to finish, that impresses your community!
  • The bottom line value and business ROI of Google+ Hangouts on Air, including case studies and examples from businesses who created their own Google+ Hangout on Air show (for zero Google fees).
  • How launching a G+ HoA show can earn you the benefits of lowered effective Google Adwords keyword bids, improved SEO of all content, and increased engagement with key community members, documented on YouTube / Google+ videos that are optimized for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.
  • How to convince your CFO, CMO or CEO to “bless” your Google+ Hangouts on Air plans and even ask to be on the show themselves; how to recruit and get support from coworkers, guests and panelists, and even your network of affiliate broadcast partners.
  • How to get celebrities and key influencers asking you if they can participate in your show.
  • How to get any amount of audience you want, viewing and participating in your shows.
  • How to monetize your Hangouts on Air with ad sponsors, affiliate offers, paid content, and more.
  • How to become the go-to resource for media and organizations needing an expert Google+ Hangouts on Air producer, earning $125/hour or more to help organizations in your business community launch their successful new Hangouts on Air shows.

It will be my personal style of Hangouts on Air programming planning, packed with stories, lessons and laughs from my own experiences of creating a successful Google+ Hangout on Air show – #SparkleSOS Book Authors & Publishers: a monthly hangout of celebrity book authors, experienced book authors, and aspiring book authors to share the challenges and successes associated with being a successful book author.

Everything I’ve learned and know about Google+ Hangouts on Air will go into this book, and it’s all influenced by my 15 years of working with Toronto ad agencies and Canadian media as a media strategy & buying professional. Especially spending so many years considering media pitches, proposals and negotiating with media sales reps, I’ve developed an understanding for how advertising and audience media monetize that is included in the foundation of each of the included templates, forms and recommended systems.

I’ll also be sharing all the tools and experts and styles of Hangouts that I have seen working well for other and what’s worked well that I’ve used myself.

Of course, there will be a section full of examples and case studies from other people and brands who have found success in their small business, in part through their creative and effective or innovative use of Google+ Hangouts on Air.

What I won’t be diving into deeply in this book is the basic tech how to of what buttons to press to start your Hangout, or even the more complicated advanced user setting. It’s pretty intricate, and it also changes almost quarterly, so I’ll include some insights contributed by my awesome tech-minded peers who you can find here in our community and on Google+.

If you have experience with Google+ Hangouts on Air and a story you’d like to share in my book, please email me at for consideration of inclusion of your story.

While I don’t know the publishing date yet, it will definitely be in your hands, or on your Kindle by some time in 2015! I’m proposing it to publishers by December 2014, but if no one has agreed to publish it by June, I’ll be self publishing rapidly and have it to you in the Fall of 2015.

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Attracting the Influence of Celebrities Using Google+ Hangouts on Air

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